DC Harvest Debuts New Bar Manager, Mixes Up Cocktail Menu

14 Oct


Sour Cherry Gel Cocktail Shooter at DC Harvest

Sour Cherry Gel Cocktail Shooter at DC Harvest

We’ve loved DC Harvest’s food for awhile, but recently DC Harvest has changed up its drink menu and now has several new creative cocktails available.  Under the leadership of new bar manager Matthew Fisk, DC Harvest’s drink menu has branched out from only having domestic alcohols to instead having a mix of domestic and international.  Fisk–a former philosophy and ancient language graduate–comes to DC Harvest by way of New Orleans and Proof, Vinoteca, Ripple, and Daikaya in D.C.  In discussing the changes to the cocktail menu, Fisk says “when I came here to DC Harvest, the bar was completely stocked with offerings that only came from the United States…I strongly advocated for a more international presence behind our bar…the cocktail is an American institution, like rock and roll.  Its origin is multiple.  Mixing together ingredients from different lands is how this country began, and what often makes the U.S. a wonderful place to hail from.  We will always feature spirits from our friends and neighbors at home, but we will also not forget that most of us came here from elsewhere.”

Clover Kyu at DC Harvest

Clover Kyu at DC Harvest

A sample of the new drink menu (descriptions and photos courtesy of Fisk and the staff at DC Harvest; links added in by District Cuisine if you would like to learn more about the drinks or alcohols):

  • Que hora son?–inspired by a Paloma cocktail, grapefruit juice is turned into grapefruit water through a gel agar clarification process that involves mixing the grapefruit juice into a gelatin that is then run through a small sieve (this process was perfected by Dave Arnold a famous mixologist in New York City).  The grapefruit water is mixed with aperol, triple dry, Espolon Blanco tequila, salt, malic acid, honey syrup, and phosphoric acid.  It is then put into bottles where it is carbonated prior to being served with lime and pineapple mint.
Que Hora Son at DC Harvest

Que Hora Son at DC Harvest

  •  Clover Kyu–a combination of Jensen’s dry gin, fresh made black raspberry syrup, egg whites, and Yuzu.
  • Sour Cherry Gel Cocktail Shootergelatin mixed with Leopolds Bros Maraschino Cherry Liquor is set for several hours.  More gelatin is mixed with lemon-infused Ivy City gin, lemon juice, and sugar–this is then poured over the other gel (the cherry one from the fridge) until both set together.  The resulting gel cocktail is served with a raspberry on the side.

Draft Negroni Sbagliato at DC Harvest

Draft Negroni Sbagliato at DC Harvest

  • DC Harvest Negroni Sbagliato–a variation of a classic Negroni.  A mix of two Contratto liqueurs: one liter of Bitter mixed with four liters of Aperitif.  The combination is then added to five liters of Vya Sweet Vermouth and five liters of a modest dry vermentino before being chilled and placed in a custom keg that force carbonates it.  Once it is carbonated, it is served as a draft cocktail.

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