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Menu for Choong Man Chicken on H Street

25 Apr

New Signage for Choong Man Chicken on H Street

District Cuisine reported several weeks ago that Khan’s (1125 H Street, NE) was transitioning to Choong Man Chicken.  While details had been somewhat scarce, we stopped by several days ago and picked up a menu (click here and here for PDFs of the menu).  The new concept is up and running after a slight renovation to the interior that removed the large grill and added a seafood counter.  District Cuisine has yet to try the food, but the fried chicken does look quite good and the initial Yelp reviews are fairly positive.

Khan’s Becoming Choong Man Chicken on H Street

27 Mar

New Signage for Choong Man Chicken on H Street

Over the weekend, the signage at Khan’s Bar and Grill (1125 H Street, NE) was changed to Choong Man Chicken (and Seafood on one of the signs).  Several window pictures featuring various types of chicken have also been put up.  As of Sunday evening, Khan’s remained open.  District Cuisine asked several employees about the changes and was told that the restaurant will be transitioning to the new concept this week–likely by Thursday–but that there was not a menu available yet.  While there was uncertainty about the details of the new concept, District Cuisine was told that the grill for the Mongolian bbq would be going away.

There appears to be a South Korean fried chicken chain called Choongman Chicken that has similar branding and the same slogan as the signage that has been put up on the building (based upon pictures on the company’s website), so it is possible that the H Street location is going to be the first American location of the chain.  More details as we get them.

Quara Ethiopian Hopes to Open Soon on H Street

24 Mar

Future Location of Quara Ethiopian on H Street

It appears that Quara Ethiopian could be opening fairly soon at 818 H Street, NE.  Earlier this week, the owner of Quara stopped by the ANC 6A Alcoholic Beverage Licensing Committee to discuss the upcoming restaurant.  The construction is mostly done, and the hope is for Quara to open relatively soon.  The restaurant will be very similar to his existing location on 18th Street, and he described the H Street location as the second location of the existing concept.  The restaurant will be open for most of the day including breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  While the restaurant will serve alcohol, the focus is on the food.  They hope to have an entertainment license to be able to have soft Ethiopian music for diners.

Taqueria and Rosticeria Fresca Expanding on H Street

31 Oct
Fresca Taqueria Prior to Its Opening on H Street

Taqueria and Rosticeria Fresca Prior to Its Opening on H Street

Taqueria and Rosticeria Fresca (701 H Street, NE) is expanding both in terms of its space and its offerings.  Fresca opened around a year ago on H Street and has been very popular ever since, especially for lunch.  District Cuisine recently reported that they would be creating an outdoor patio.  Fresca is now expanding into the rest of the building behind it (down 7th Street), which had previously been a barbershop.  The restaurant also has building permits to make several interior renovations that will keep the front part of the building a fast casual counter service restaurant and make the back of the building (where the barbershop was) an 18 seat restaurant with table service.  Additionally, Fresca recently applied for a liquor license so that it can serve drinks.

H Street Festival Restaurant Preview

12 Sep
2016 H Street Festival from the 2nd Floor of Red Rocks

2016 H Street Festival from the 2nd Floor of Red Rocks

With H Street Festival this coming Saturday, all week District Cuisine will be rolling out and previewing specials that restaurants across the H Street Corridor will hold for the Festival.  Stay tuned for lots of fun dining news!

Pow Pow Holding Neighborhood Coffee Tomorrow Morning

19 Aug
The Peoples Republic of Caesar at Pow Pow on H Street

The Peoples Republic of Caesar at Pow Pow on H Street

Pow Pow (1253 H Street, NE) is holding a neighborhood coffee at its location tomorrow morning (August 20th) to introduce itself to H Street and to thank everyone who has stopped by so far to try the restaurant.  From 10 am until noon, stop by Pow Pow with your own mug and enjoy a free cup of coffee and the opportunity to meet the staff of Pow Pow.  If you haven’t stopped by yet to try Pow Pow, this is a great opportunity to check out the new restaurant.  Pow Pow will open for regular lunch service starting at 11:30.  District Cuisine’s favorite item so far is the Peoples Republic of Caesar (pictured above)–a creative spin on a traditional caesar salad that features Taiwanese fried chicken along with capers and a tangy lime dressing.

Taste of Jamaica Space Now Empty

17 Aug
Exterior of Taste of Jamaica on H Street

Exterior of Taste of Jamaica on H Street

District Cuisine reported last month that 528 H Street, NE–home of Taste of Jamaica for over a decade–was available for lease.  Over the past two weeks, all of the equipment for Taste of Jamaica was removed from the restaurant and the space is now vacant.  No word yet on what might replace Taste of Jamaica in the future.