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Despite FBI Raid, Marvelous Pizza Reopens on H Street

11 Nov

Back in July, Marvelous Pizza on H Street was raided by the FBI due to a massive fraud ring and had shut down.  Several weeks ago without any real explanation, the restaurant reopened and appears to be back to normal.  The status of the fraud investigation is unclear as is whether or not ownership of the restaurant has changed.


Middle Part of H Street Begins to Attract Restaurants

11 Nov

Currently H Street’s restaurant scene is divided into two sections: the Western end and the Eastern end without almost any restaurants in the middle.  The Western end runs from Ethiopic in the 400th block to Hikari Sushi in the 600th block.  The Eastern end starts with the Atlas Room in the 1000th block and runs to the 1400th block.  In between there are not really any restaurants (the new Chupacabra being the exception).  There is a lot of development planned for that section (including three apartment buildings and a Whole Foods) but not much has materialized so far. Continue reading