Yum’s Carry Out Closed on Florida Avenue

23 Mar

Yum’s Carry Out on Florida Avenue Now Closed

It appears that Yum’s Carry Out at 416 Florida Avenue, NE has closed for good.  The takeout restaurant has been closed for a little while now and the phone number has been disconnected.  Eden’s (the dominant Union Market developer) purchased the building back in 2015 and has plans to develop the entire block.

Blue Bottle Coffee Coming to 1250 4th Street in Union Market

22 Mar

Future Site of Blue Bottle Coffee in Union Market

The Washington Business Journal had previously broken that Blue Bottle Coffee out of California would be opening a store and training facility in Union Market at the intersection of 4th and Morse Streets, NE.  Based upon building permits and construction progress, District Cuisine can now confirm that the location will be 1250 4th Street, NE, which is directly north of the new Edison building (a future Trader Joe’s) in Union Market.  Construction and renovation on the site is well underway; once completed, it will be two stories.

Quara Ethiopian Coming to H Street

16 Mar

Future Location of Quara Ethiopian on H Street

According to a revised version of ANC 6A Alcoholic Beverage Licensing Committee’s agenda for next week, the Committee will be hearing from representatives of Quara Ethiopian Fusion that will be coming soon to 818 H Street, NE (next door to Mythology).  District Cuisine had heard for some time that an Ethiopian restaurant had leased the space but had been unable to confirm details until now.  Quara currently operates an Ethiopian restaurant on 18th Street (website and menu here), and this location is from the same owners (ownership of the 18th Street location matches a contact person for building permits at 818 H Street).  The building is currently undergoing a major renovation but still has a long way to go.  Quara will be joining two current Ethiopian restaurants on the H Street Corridor (Ethiopic and Addis).  More details as we get them.

H Street Throwback: Demolition of H Street Self Storage (Now Whole Foods)

14 Mar

In preparation for tomorrow’s grand opening of the H Street Whole Foods, District Cuisine wanted to provide a video throwback to the demolition of the old H Street Self Storage (best part is at the end of the roughly minute long video).  Before Whole Foods and the Apollo building were construction at 6th and H Streets, NE a combination of Murray’s (a grocery store), Good Danny’s, and H Street Self Storage occupied the block.

Preview of H Street Whole Foods

13 Mar

Whole Foods Market on H Street

After several years of construction and anticipation, H Street’s Whole Foods will be opening this Wednesday (pending the snow) at 6th and H Streets, NE in the Apollo Building.  The store will open with a bread breaking ceremony at 8:45 in the morning.  District Cuisine took a sneak peak of the store over the weekend.  The entire building was previously a combination of Murray’s (grocery store), Good Danny’s (Chinese food), and H Street Self Storage.

Whole Foods Market on H Street

In addition to the usual Whole Foods offerings, the store will have quite a few locally sourced products ranging from beer to gelato to snacks to pastries.  The prepared foods area will also feature a new Chinese diner concept by Maketto owner Eric Bruner-Yang.  The second floor of the store will have a bar and will offer beer and wine that can be purchased and then consumed throughout the store or even on the patio outside.  For the first week, the store will have several doorbuster deals on products throughout the store.

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Citi Pizza Now Open on H Street

27 Feb
New Paint Job for Citi Pizza on H Street

New Paint Job for Citi Pizza on H Street

After several months of renovations, Citi Pizza (504 H Street, NE) has reopened.  We had spoken with them back in November and had been told that they would be reopening in a couple of days.  After that, they appear to have hit several construction delays, but they are now up and running.  The new design is much more open and inviting than the previous design because of the new windows installed in the front of the restaurant.  Citi Pizza has undergone several iterations over the past couple of years, including a brief stint of calling itself New Citi Pizza.

Demolition, Ground Breaking Ceremony for The High Line in Union Market

17 Feb
Site of the Future High Line at Union Market

Site of the Future High Line at Union Market

Recently, the vacant Burger King at 3rd and Florida Avenue, NE was demolished to make way for The High Line, a major apartment/retail/park development by Level2 Development (read more here).  Earlier this week, a ground breaking ceremony was held to formally begin the project.  This project is immediately next door to The Edison apartment building which should be opening later this year and which will have a Trader Joe’s on the first floor.  To keep track of all of the development in Union Market, check out our interactive map here.