As Winter Melts Away, DC Harvest Begins Rolling Out Spring Menu

19 Mar
Pan Roasted Arctic Char Has Made Way for Ruby Trout at DC Harvest

Pan Roasted Arctic Char Will Soon Make Way for Ruby Trout at DC Harvest

As H Street begins to thaw out slowly from January and February, DC Harvest is beginning to transition to its spring menu.  During the winter months, DC Harvest featured a delicious Arctic Char that was pan roasted and served with maitake mushrooms and topped with a smoked walnut romesco.  Just a few days ago it was rotated off the menu to make way for a dish featuring ruby trout.  Additionally, the vegetable pairing for DC Harvest’s scallop entree will change as winter vegetables give way to early spring ones.  In the coming weeks, look for ramps, additional wild mushrooms, spring peas, and spring asparagus to be worked into the menu.  Despite the seasonal changes, our favorite dish–the sous vide old bay fried chicken–remains a staple of the menu on Monday and Tuesday.  The sides for the fried chicken do vary by season and are currently multicolored carrots.

Old Bay Fried Chicken at DC Harvest

Old Bay Fried Chicken at DC Harvest

DC Harvest is also now booking its upstairs rooms for large groups during the week.  It seats up to 25 people and features a view of the open kitchen.  Anyone who is interested can stop by or reach out to the restaurant.


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