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Citi Pizza Undergoing Renovations on H Street

9 May
Sign Posted at New Citi Pizza on H Street

Sign Posted at Citi Pizza on H Street

Citi Pizza (504 H Street), which has undergone multiple iterations over the past several years (it was originally just Citi Pizza and then became New Citi Pizza), is undergoing renovations and will be closed for several weeks.  Citi Pizza is the only place to get pizza on the western side of H Street and also has sold pizza by the slice in the past.


New Citi Pizza Reopens on H Street

24 Jun

New Citi Pizza (504 H Street, NE) has reopened after being closed for several months following reports that the owner had died.  In recent years, the takeout pizza spot has undergone some minor renovations, such as removing the bullet proof glass from its counter, to make it more friendly and inviting to the community.  There had been signs posted in recent weeks that it would be reopening, but it now appears to be fully reopened.

New Citi Pizza Reopened

New Citi Pizza Has Reopened