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Citi Pizza Rebrands as Pizza Walay

17 Feb

New Sign for Pizza Walay on H Street

Citi Pizza–previously New Citi Pizza–has rebranded again as Pizza Walay and has repainted its interior.  There is not currently an online presence, but a Yelp review reports that they offer a variety of pizzas, salads, and sandwiches.  Despite the new name and sign, there is still a sign for Citi Pizza above the new one.  Citi Pizza underwent a major renovation back in 2016 but had recently been listed for sale for $95,000.


Citi Pizza Now Open on H Street

27 Feb
New Paint Job for Citi Pizza on H Street

New Paint Job for Citi Pizza on H Street

After several months of renovations, Citi Pizza (504 H Street, NE) has reopened.  We had spoken with them back in November and had been told that they would be reopening in a couple of days.  After that, they appear to have hit several construction delays, but they are now up and running.  The new design is much more open and inviting than the previous design because of the new windows installed in the front of the restaurant.  Citi Pizza has undergone several iterations over the past couple of years, including a brief stint of calling itself New Citi Pizza.

Remodeled Citi Pizza to Reopen Soon

7 Nov
New Interior at Citi Pizza on H Street

New Interior at Citi Pizza on H Street

Citi Pizza (504 H Street, NE) has been closed for several months due to a significant renovation and remodel.  The restaurant has a bright new exterior and redid its front entrance with glass to make it more welcoming.  District Cuisine got a peak inside over the weekend which revealed that Citi Pizza will now offer a small dine-in option in addition to takeout.  The new interior is very open so that customers can watch their food being made (previously Citi Pizza only had a little window for customers to order through).  While construction is mostly complete, they hope to reopen within the next 1-2 weeks.  The menu will largely be the same as before; however, they are considering adding some additional items like salad.

New Paint Job for Citi Pizza on H Street

New Paint Job for Citi Pizza on H Street

Complete Facelift for Citi Pizza on H Street

7 Sep
New Paint Job for Citi Pizza on H Street

New Paint Job for Citi Pizza on H Street

District Cuisine noted several months ago that Citi Pizza (504 H Street, NE) was temporarily closed for renovations.  Over the past several weeks the restaurant has undergone a major external transformation, and the front wall has been replaced with new windows.  At the end of last week, the exterior got a bright new paint job that makes it stand out on the block.

Citi Pizza Undergoing Renovations on H Street

9 May
Sign Posted at New Citi Pizza on H Street

Sign Posted at Citi Pizza on H Street

Citi Pizza (504 H Street), which has undergone multiple iterations over the past several years (it was originally just Citi Pizza and then became New Citi Pizza), is undergoing renovations and will be closed for several weeks.  Citi Pizza is the only place to get pizza on the western side of H Street and also has sold pizza by the slice in the past.