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Tru Orleans: What Happened?

23 May

When Tru Orleans (400 H Street, NE) first opened in the neighborhood, we thought that it had great potential.  In fact, based upon our experience on opening weekend, we gave it a glowing initial review.  It had a great atmosphere, attentive service, and quality food.

Patio at Tru Orleans

Patio at Tru Orleans

Since it opened almost two years ago, something has happened.  The restaurant still has a very cool set up with its large patio and open second floor that has a New Orleans-esque railing and balcony.  However, it doesn’t have much else going for it anymore.  Over the past two years, our experiences have ranged from mediocre to just bizarre.  One time during brunch, we watched in horror as a server argued with a table full of customers for several minutes when one of them mentioned that he had messed up their order.  Another time during brunch our eggs benedict came out with an alleged “special” sauce on the side: it turned out to be caesar salad dressing.  Cajun food that was initially promising (if somewhat expensive) has turned into overpriced dishes that lack freshness and taste (based upon their website it appears the initial chef has departed). Continue reading