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Washington Post’s Sietsema Really Likes Boundary Road

14 Mar

Boundary Road, the newest addition to H Street, continues to make news this week (President Obama visited the practically brand new restaurant last week).  The Washington Post‘s Tom Sietsema wrote a very positive review of Boundary Road for this week’s “First Bite” column.  Sietsema loves the atmosphere and the food:

So the chef and his team are slicing potatoes by hand for their french fries, which they double-fry in peanut oil and send out with a gentle curry dip. Their minestrone shows off a perfect dice of vegetables, pleasantly crisp, and it avoids the blahs with garlic, vinegar and Parmesan in its seasoning. An entree of ropy hanger steak takes my tongue on a ride, thanks to the spicy kale and choron sauce sharing the plate. The most comforting dish on the menu may be pierogi. Walker got the idea from his mother-in-law in Pennsylvania, lightening her tradition by using quark (curd cheese) instead of sour cream inside the boiled dumplings, which are served over heat-softened onions and are easy to polish off.

 We’ve only gone to Boundary Road for drinks so far, but we hope to go very soon (if we can still get in!).