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Souk Temporarily Closed for Renovations

15 Nov

In late September our friends at Frozen Tropics reported that there had been a small fire at Souk on H Street (1208 H Street, NE).  Recently it appeared that the restaurant had closed and might not be reopening.  Souk has been closed during dinner recently, its website is down, and its phone has been disconnected.

Souk Temporarily Closed for Renovations

We stopped by the new Sahra Lounge down the block (same ownership) to learn more.  Contrary to the signs that the restaurant is closed for good, we’re told that Souk is temporarily closed for renovations and will reopen in 2-3 months.  The renovations are not related to the fire and are instead meant to make the restaurant nicer and more open inside.  We really hope that those renovations will include removing the roll down shutters outside of the restaurant that make it look really uninviting when it is closed compared to the rest of the block.