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Major Demolition Underway for Union Market Apartments and Culinary Market

26 Dec
Major Demolition Underway at 1270 4th Street, NE

Major Demolition Underway at 1270 4th Street, NE

Major demolition is underway at 1270 4th Street, NE, the future location of The Shapiro, a major residential and retail project in the Union Market area.  This lot–almost an entire city block long–is located immediately south of Masseria and Neal Place Tap and Garden on 4th Street).  Previously the Cash and Carry, the new building will be over 400 units of apartments (built in two phases) and will house a major culinary market by Chef Jose Garces (retail managed by Union Market developer Edens).  As you can see from the photo above, the entire building has been demolished except for the front wall which is being preserved to become a part of the new building.  You can learn more about the design of the building from the developer here.

You can check out a comprehensive map of existing and future plans near Union Market, by checking out District Cuisine’s interactive map here.


Union Market: The Upper Section

9 Dec
Upper Section of Union Market

Upper Section of Union Market

For the purposes of this post, the upper section is defined as the area and buildings starting on the northern side of Penn Street, NE at 6th Street, going west to New York Avenue, turning right, and then running up New York Avenue for one block.  You can view our interactive map here (note: this is not perfectly drawn to scale and does not perfectly reflect lot lines, etc).  The properties are colored by owner; the color purple indicates that the property is not owned by one of the large development companies.

The upper section of Union Market has two large parcels that are owned by Edens but disconnected from each other.  The first Edens property on Penn Street by 6th Street (550 Penn Street) is already being used by Edens as part of Union Market.  In this space, Dolcezza Gelato has a factory and retail store; Angelika Film Center has a pop-up movie theater (until it moves to its permanent home in the Union Market building in several years).  The second Edens owned property is down the block on the corner of New York Avenue.  This building is not currently used for a public purpose by Edens, although it does have several advertisements for Union Market attractions painted onto the side of it.  In between these two properties is Maurice Electrical Supply.

Next to the Edens owned property on New York Avenue is an independently owned property.  The large parcel next to that building is currently undergoing a major construction project.  The property was previously a very rundown Quality Inn (check out some of the horrible reviews here) but was knocked down recently and is now being rebuilt as two hotels: a Hampton Inn and a Homewood Suites.

In our next two Union Market series posts, we will examine two existing parts of the Union Market area that you may be overlooking but are well worth you checking out.

Special thanks to Washington Business Journal for their previous reporting on the real estate deals in Union Market and to ANC 6C 06 Commissioner Tony Goodman for his help in answering questions about the area.