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Union Market: Edens Has Major Culinary Retail Tenant for 1270 4th Street

11 Nov
1270 4th Street

Site of Future Edens Apartment/Retail Building at 1270 4th Street, NE

Union Market developer Edens has a major retail tenant for its future retail/residential project at 1270 4th Street, NE in the Union Market area (top red box on map).  Speaking at a meeting of the Advisory Neighborhood Commission (ANC) 6C Planning, Zoning, and Environment Committee last week, representatives for Edens gave a presentation on their plans for the 1270 4th Street parcel that is to the southwest of Edens’s existing Union Market building.  Edens is planning an apartment building with major retail on the first and second floors.  According to Edens, they already have a culinary retailer who will occupy the retail space and who will create a Union Market-style eatery space.  The retailer is apparently a significant name in the culinary world that people will recognize, and this project is the first of its kind for this person in the United States.  However, the identity of the retailer is not being released because the project is several years away from breaking ground.  When an ANC Commissioner joked that it was Eataly (there have been rumors that Eataly is coming to a different part of town for years), Edens joked that it was a good guess but not correct.  We reached out to Edens after the meeting for additional comment but did not hear back.

View our interactive Union Market map here.

Union Market Series: A Preview of the Future

10 Nov

Almost everyone knows about the new Union Market–the massive indoor culinary market that opened two years ago and currently features over 40 different vendors and small restaurants.  The Market building previously housed the D.C. Farmers Market until a serious fire destroyed the building several years ago.  At that point, Edens, the owner, decided to completely remodel the building and reposition the concept to become the premiere culinary destination for foodies across the District.  Located between 5th and 6th streets and bounded by Neal Place in Northeast, the Market has been come a magnet for people around the area.  For the past two years, Edens has held a ton of different events ranging from beerfests to ice cream parties to musicfests to drive-in movies to put Union Market on the map for people across the District.

The Market itself and the surrounding area have a fascinating history dating to the 1800s (click here to see the progression through the years) and has been called Florida Avenue Market, Union Market Terminal, and Capital City Market.  The largely warehouse district previously was a hub for food distributors around the area, partially based upon its proximity to the railroad.  However, over time many of the buildings have lost their previous tenants and much of the area has become rundown.  At one point in the late 2000s, there was a plan to consolidate ownership of the Market area and push through a massive redevelopment project; however, this plan fell through.  Regardless, this deterioration of the area stands in very stark contrast to the new Union Market building that holds some of the most upscale food stores around town and that is packed with people and families every weekend.

While you know about the new Union Market building, what you probably don’t know about are the impressive plans for a revitalization of the area in the years ahead.  In this series, we will be taking a look at what is in store for the Union Market area in the future.  We will begin with several posts looking at the area in a series of geographical chunks: the west section, the middle section, the east section, and the upper section.  Finally, we will examine two existing spots in the Market that you are probably overlooking right now (A. Litteri Italian market and Angelika Pop-Up Theater).  Questions or comments?  As always, please feel free to use the comment section.