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Is Lunch from a Food Truck Ever Worth $15? (What about $20?)

28 Mar

Mention lunch from a truck and many people think of the many hot dog stands and trucks around D.C. that have questionable sanitation and much more questionable food.  The idea of paying $10, $15, or even $20 for a meal from a truck seems crazy.  Standing in line for significant amounts of time sounds even more ridiculous.  Should a sane person ever pay that much for lunch from a truck?  Simply put: yes (but only on rare occasions…).  Some of the best lunch time meals can be bought at food trucks around D.C. and are worth the investment of time and money.  Let’s examine our two favorites: Jose Andres’ Pepe and Red Hook Lobster Pound. Continue reading

New Restaurants Coming to NoMa and H Street

5 Dec

Exciting restaurant news for the NoMa and H Street regions at the end of last week:

Zuppa Fresca in NoMa: Our friends over at Frozen Tropics and DC NoMa reported that the Loree Grand apartment building in NoMa has found a replacement restaurant for Jillian Clark’s “Kitchen on K Street” that had been scheduled to open on the first floor of the building until it was recently announced that it had pulled out.  Looking inside, it had been obvious that the space had already been designed for the incoming restaurant for several months, but little work had been done over the past several months.  Fortunately, Zuppa Fresca, a new Italian restaurant by Alfio Celia will be opening soon.  DC NoMa (menu included) and Frozen Tropics have more details.

Chicken Tortilla on H Street: Frozen Tropics also reports that Chicken Tortilla is opening on the east end of H Street (1324 H Street).  The new restaurant will open on the same stretch of H Street where Shawafel and Pho Bar and Grill recently opened.

The Atlas Room: A Hidden Star in DC

28 Aug

Pork Hash & Eggs at The Atlas Room

Do not let the bars on the windows turn you away, The Atlas Room on H Street (1015 H Street)–open for less than a year–is one of the up and coming restaurants in the DC area.  A major part of the resurgence of H Street NE, The Atlas Room should appeal to food lovers across DC area.  Chef-Owner Matt Cordes and Chef de Cuisine Bobby Beard have impressive resumes ranging from Vidalia to 701 to Gerard’s Place to Kinkead’s to Citronelle.  The previous experiences of Cordes and Beard shine through in dishes at The Atlas Room.

The unimpressive barred windows and blue awning outside give way to a nicely decorated, if dark, inside.  The small restaurant features seven closely placed tables lining both sides of the wall at the front with a bar and bar seating towards the back.  The entire restaurant fits less than fifty people, so on weekend nights you would be wise to call ahead (they only take phone reservations, unfortunately no Open Table).  If you don’t make a reservation, you can usually get a table during the week or on the early side during the weekend.  Tables on the left hand side of the restaurant have chairs on the outside and covered bench seating on the inside, while tables on the right hand side only have chairs.  The entire restaurant features a dark color scheme with dark wood floors and lights hanging down from the ceiling.  Large pictures and maps hang from the wall on both sides. Continue reading

Toki Underground and Ethiopic Make Cheap Eats List

27 Aug

Toki Underground and Ethiopic represented the H Street Corridor in this year’s issue of the Washingtonian‘s Cheap Eats list (out this month).  We’ve eaten at both and have really enjoyed both of them.  Glad to see H Street making it on to this important list!