Dish of the Week: Poke Bowl at District Fishwife

1 Nov
Poke Bowl at District Fishwife

Poke Bowl at District Fishwife

Dish of the Week is a new ongoing series from District Cuisine that highlights one of our favorite dishes from a local restaurant.

In case you haven’t found out yet, several months ago, District Fishwife in Union Market expanded its offerings to include freshly prepared meals in addition to its seafood selection.  The meals are primarily lunch items (dinner on the weekend) and include fish sandwiches, salmon burgers, and most recently a chili crab fried sandwich.  Our favorite is the Ahi Tuna poke bowl (you can also get it with salmon, depending upon what they have available).  Poke bowls (a style of marinated raw fish from Hawaii) have recently become very popular both around town and nationally (see recent Washington Post story here).  District Fishwife’s preparation has a bed of rice with two different types of marinated tuna on either side of the container: a soy based marinade and a spicy aioli marinade.  In the middle you get wasabi, seaweed salad, ginger, thinly sliced carrot, and fish row.  The two different marinades are both delicious and play well together with the rice and salad in the middle.  The poke bowl is a great way to have an interesting, fresh, and fairly light lunch or dinner (unlike several of their items, you can get the poke bowl in the late afternoon).


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