Cusbah Wins Lawsuit, Will Remain Open (Cusbah Statement)

28 Sep
Cusbah Celebrates Legal Victory!

Cusbah Celebrates Legal Victory!

District Cuisine reported earlier this year that Cusbah’s landlord (1128 H Street, NE) was looking to evict Cusbah and replace the restaurant with something new.  Over the past several months, the two sides have been involved in litigation over the eviction process.  News was broken earlier this week by Frozen Tropics, that Cusbah won the lawsuit and will remain at 1128 H Street.  In response to the victory, Soophia Hussain, Managing Partner at Cusbah, released the following statement:

In April 2016 many of you witnessed the “for lease” sign posted above of our restaurant and the reports by local blogs of our imminent closing. It then became public knowledge that we were in a legal dispute with our landlord regarding our lease.

The culmination of that legal dispute occurred on September 26th, 2016 in a trial between Cusbah and the Landlord, and we are happy to announce that the Judge ruled in our favor.

Our success could not have been possible without our legal counsel Hessler Bianco. Steven Hessler is an H St neighbor and friend who owns Gallery O on H St.

We also wanted to extend a big thank you to all of our patrons, neighbors, and local H St business owners who supported us during these last 6 months. The amount of emails, phone calls, and warm wishes gave us much strength during a difficult time.

At 1128 H St NE Cusbah is open so come join us for a beer and samosas. We don’t know what the future will hold but for now we’re happy we survived.


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