Chef Luke Feltz Takes Over Kitchen at Boundary Road

11 Dec
Boundary Road Chef Luke Feltz

Boundary Road Chef Luke Feltz

In November, Luke Feltz took over as head chef of Boundary Road (414 H Street) for co-owner Brad Walker.  Feltz is not new to Boundary Road as he was the existing sous chef.  We recently chatted with Chef Feltz about his background and what he has in store for Boundary Road.

District Cuisine: Prior to your time at Boundary Road, where have you cooked?
Luke Feltz: I first started cooking when I was 16 at Red Cedar Grill in Williamston, MI, then for four years at the Blue Parrot Bistro in Gettysburg, PA.

DC: What drew you to Boundary Road?
LF: I moved to DC looking for a job in (stereotype coming up) political science and international relations. I needed a part-time job and I knew (and loved) cooking. Chef Brad and I actually went to the same college, and were in the same fraternity 11 years apart. He offered me a job working the salad station at Boundary Road in 2012. Over the next year, I worked my way up to lead line cook. When I got a job offer coordinating a nuclear security policy grant, Brad said I could come back whenever I wanted if I changed my mind about career paths. Ten months later, I was back as the sous chef at Boundary Road.

DC: What is your vision for Boundary Road going forward?
LF: My vision is primarily to continue making the locally and sustainably sourced comfort food that the neighborhood has grown to know and love.

DC: Should we expect major changes to the menu in the coming weeks?

LF: The holiday season isn’t an ideal time to make drastic changes, and furthermore, I have no interest in making drastic changes. I believe in the food that we cook here. That said, there is always room to improve. After the holiday season is over, diners can expect Boundary Road to go back to its roots. Think additional pierogis, more house made charcuterie, perhaps some new options for lunch — but the favorites like the brick chicken won’t go away.

In terms of the holiday season, I will be keeping up the tradition of Foie La La, and we’ll be offering a special foie dish December 15-25.

DC: When you are cooking at home, what is your favorite dish to make?
LF: Mushroom risotto. It was the first “fancy” dish that I ever made, I think in 8th grade, and I love mushrooms. It’s my go-to.


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