Batter Bowl Bakery Rebrands as Uni Bistro

23 Nov
New Exterior at Uni Bistro, Previously Batter Bowl Bakery

New Exterior at Uni Bistro, Previously Batter Bowl Bakery

Batter Bowl Bakery (403 H Street) has recently rebranded as Uni Bistro due to an ownership change.  Previously, the restaurant was owned by neighboring Ethiopic that opened it back in 2013.  It is now owned by the husband and wife team that has been running the day to day operations.  According to the owners, Uni is a play off of nearby Union Station as well as the word unique.  The new logo that they will be rolling out soon is based off a thumb print to highlight the restaurant’s unique character.

As we previously reported, they are hoping to attract more customers in the afternoon and evening by serving alcohol and expanding lunch and dinner menu items.  As part of its rebranding efforts, the outside of the restaurant has been repainted gold and there is a new sign outside.  Expect to see new menu items rolled out soon in a push for later in the day customers.


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