Six Months After Opening: A Few Interesting Notes on H &pizza

26 Jan

After opening in July of last year, H &pizza quickly developed into one of the busiest and most popular spots on H Street and around the Northeast region of D.C..  There is almost never a time when you walk into H &pizza and it does not have a line of some sort.  H &pizza’s success has enabled it to announce its first expansion recently, a new location on U Street that will open sometime this year.  Six months after the opening of its original H Street location, we were lucky enough to catch up with co-owner Steve Salis to ask him a few questions.

Overall he emphasized how pleased they were with the business and the H Street community, saying that their business has exceeded their expectations.  He said that the top selling pizzas are the Maverick (District Cuisine’s favorite), Farmer’s Daughter, and Moonstruck.  Interestingly, Salis says that when they first opened most people were choosing one of the pizzas listed on the menu board (like the Maverick, etc) but that now the majority of customers are choosing to build their own pizzas.  He also said that we can expect to see a few new pizzas on the menu soon.  H &pizza’s lunch business has exceeded their expectations (although dinner is their busiest time), and they believe that lunch will continue to grow as the neighborhood continues to develop.  Sadly, H &pizza does not plan on doing delivery service in the future.

Everyone who has spent any time on H Street in the last six months has seen the H &pizza “&” stickers.  However, Salis said that one of the most amusing moments for him came when he was in Baltimore and saw a biker riding around with one of the “&” stickers on their helmet.

After six months, H &pizza has established itself as one of H Street’s go to places.  Going forward, we can’t wait to see how it continues to establish itself and bring its delicious pizza to the rest of the D.C. area (and maybe beyond).


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