Kitty’s Saloon to Replace Souk on H Street, Bringing “Contemporary Redneck Cuisine”

3 Jul
Kitty's Saloon Coming Soon to H Street

Kitty’s Saloon Coming Soon to H Street

Souk, a Moroccan place located at 1208 H Street NE, closed several years ago for “renovations” and never reopened.  Many of us wondered about the status of the restaurant that had been promising while it was open.  Apparently, for at least awhile, the restaurant was owned by the same owners as Nomad Hookah Lounge (previously Sahra Hookah).  Several months ago, extensive renovations began on the building and it became clear that something else was going in there.  Signage went up this week for “Kitty’s Saloon.”  While details are sparse, according to its website (very barebones), Kitty’s Saloon will serve “contemporary redneck cuisine.”  A Food Service Monthly article from last year provides some additional details:

“That Atlas District continues to grow. Miss Kitty’s Saloon is slated to open the end of August at 1208 H St. NE. The managing operator and executive chef is Scott Webster, a CIA grad who worked for Clyde’s Restaurant Group for 16 years, including executive chef at Clyde’s in Tysons Corner. The rustic mid-western saloon will be on two floors. Second floor expected to open in the fall, featuring a bourbon/whiskey bar.”

More details as we are able to get them.

Micho’s Lebanese Grill: Authentic (and Fast) Lebanese Coming to Western End of H Street

1 Jul
Outside of Micho's Lebanese Grill

Outside of Micho’s Lebanese Grill

In the coming weeks, Micho’s Lebanese Grill (500 H Street, NE) will bring a taste of Lebanon to the western end of H Street in a fast casual format.  The restaurant is going into an end unit space that had previously been a florist and will have a nice patio area on the side for diners to enjoy good weather.  When it opens in mid-July, Micho’s will offer both lunch and dinner service every night, in addition to having late night hours on the weekends.  You can see the menu here.

Window Seating at Micho's Lebanese Grill

Window Seating at Micho’s Lebanese Grill

It will have takeout service, and the owners are currently considering delivery service as well.  In addition to having Lebanese cuisine, it will also feature several different types of beer in addition to sangria and margaritas.  It will also have a weekday happy hour.

Counter at Micho's Lebanese Grill

Counter at Micho’s Lebanese Grill

Micho’s Lebanese Grill comes from three Lebanese friends who have spent their careers in the restaurant industry.  Micho, the chef, is currently the head chef at Darna in Arlington and received his culinary training in Lebanon.  Jad started his restaurant career at age 17 working as a busboy at PF Chang’s and has worked his way up through the industry ever since.  And Fady has owned and run a restaurant in Springfield since 2006. Continue reading

Menu for Micho’s Lebanese Grill

1 Jul

Below is the menu for Micho’s Lebanese Grill (500 H Street, NE), which will be opening later this month.  If you have any trouble reading the small print, please click on the picture to enlarge it.


Menu for Micho’s Lebanese Grill (Part One)


Menu for Micho’s Lebanese Grill (Part Two)

Menu for Micho's Lebanese Grill (Part Three)

Menu for Micho’s Lebanese Grill (Part Three)


What H Street Needs: A Bagel Shop

30 Jun

What H Street Needs is an occasional series on District Cuisine looking at ways that the neighborhood could be improved even more.  You can see our previous column on the need for a Thai restaurant here.

News came last week that H Street would be getting a new bakery on the western end of the Corridor when Sticky Fingers Bakery opens next year at 406 H Street, NE.  The opening of Sticky Fingers will be yet another welcome addition to the neighborhood.  However, what H Street really needs in the bakery category is a good bagel shop.

D.C. as a whole lacks good bagels.  With the exception of Brooklyn Bagel in nearby Arlington, there really are not that many solid bagel options near downtown (please feel free to correct us in the comment section).  There are a couple of places that sell bagels, but none that really specialize or do bagels well.  Certainly none that are worth traveling across town to get.  With that in mind, a solid bagel shop would be a draw not only within the neighborhood but could also potentially bring additional people to the neighborhood on the weekend from all around the area.  H Street has shown its ability to support several bakeries and coffee shops throughout the Corridor (Batter Bowl Bakery, Sidamo, H Street Coffee House and Cafe, Dangerously Delicious, among others in the nearby community), so a bagel shop–especially if it was good–should be able to thrive throughout the week.  In addition to being successful on the weekend, a solid bagel shop would also allow residents to stop by for a quick bite before work or to buy several bagels to eat at home during the week.

Agree? Disagree? What else does H Street need? Let us know in the comment section.

Early Thoughts on H Street Organic Market

28 Jun
The New H Street Market

The New H Street Market

H Street Organic Market (806 H Street, NE) opened this month in the space that was formerly Z Mart.  The interior of the building has undergone an extensive renovation, and the new space inside is very clean.  There are several aisles of products–the vast majority packaged goods.  There is no meat or fish, but there is a produce section towards the righthand side of the store.  The produce looks fresh (far fresher than the produce at the new H Street Giant, which, sadly, isn’t saying much), but the selection is somewhat limited.  There are also dairy products near the produce.  It appears that while the store is open that it is still a work in progress as the back left part of the store looks incomplete.  Hopefully when they complete the store they will add some additional produce.

While it might not be perfect yet, H Street Organic Market is definitely a welcome addition to the neighborhood, especially in light of the eastern end of H Street losing out on Yes! Organic Market a few months ago.  It is especially welcome in the middle stretch of H Street which is desperately lacking development to date (although much is planned).

Po Boy Jim Now Open on H Street

28 Jun
Catfish Po Boy at Po Boy Jim's

Catfish Po Boy at Po Boy Jim

After years of waiting, Po Boy Jim on H Street (709 H Street, NE) finally opened its doors this week and based upon our initial experience it was worth the wait (you can read our first preview post from September, 2012 here).  The restaurant is a family business that has several family members working throughout the restaurant.  The staff was very friendly and seemed to take pride in the restaurant and its food.  The first day of service was this Thursday, and after they have a couple of days of operations under their belts, the owners plan on having it open from lunch through dinner and late night.

Tables on Second Floor Overlooking Patio at Po Boy Jim

Tables on Second Floor Overlooking Patio at Po Boy Jim

It will open at 11am for lunch and stay open until 3am on weeknights (earlier during the week).  The restaurant offers full dining service as well as takeout and bar service.  The food is cajun inspired but has different influences from around the world throughout its menu (which you can view here).

Bar at Po Boy Jim

Bar at Po Boy Jim

Po Boy Jim’s interior was completely renovated and the space is quite large.  The downstairs area has several tables, a somewhat open kitchen, and a place where you can wait for takeout.  There is a fairly large patio with several picnic tables and a large wall mural featuring the forthcoming (we hope) H Street streetcar.  The upstairs has a large bar as well as tables that overlook H Street down below.

Po Boy Jim Ceiling

Po Boy Jim Ceiling

The ceiling has been decorated with large and multicolored window shutters to create a very interesting vibe.  When you walk past the bar on the upper level, there are two separate additional dining areas towards the back of the restaurant.  The second of the two back dining areas has glass doors with a railing that overlook the patio that will be opened once the patio is complete (it is still under construction) whenever the weather is nice.  On the night that we were in there, jazz was being played throughout the restaurant to give it an authentic New Orleans feel.  Continue reading

Menu for Po Boy Jim on H Street

28 Jun
Menu at Po Boy Jim on H Street

Menu at Po Boy Jim on H Street

Drinks at Po Boy Jim on H Street

Drinks at Po Boy Jim on H Street



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